The right for someone to use another’s property. In discussing these matters, lawyers have developed fancy words to describe the two land owners. The burdened property owner–i.e. Peter– is normally called the servient owner and the one person who benefits from the easement is called the dominant owner. Most easements are written but some are…


Home Defects

Bought a Home With Defects? Who’s Responsible? Shortly after moving into a new home you discovered your dream home is now a nightmare.  There is water leaking from the roof, seeping in from the foundations, cracks in the foundation causing the floor to lean, mechanical systems not working, termites chewing the wood, etc.  You call…


7th Circuit Rules that Management Companies are not debt collectors

In a recent decision, the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ruled that management companies that collect rent for an owner are not debt collectors under the Fair Debt Collection Act. For this opinion read: Carter v AMC LLC Normally an owner hires a mangement company to manage its property and collect the…


Type of computer to buy

I am indecisive about the type of computer I want to buy.  Initially I was going to buy a netbook because they are so portable.  They would be great for checking emails and doing limited research while between court calls.  Since they weigh about a pound I can transport it without a problem in my bag. …