Commercial litigation is a dispute between two business normally over a contract that they entered into.  One party blames the other for breaching the agreement.

Some involve leases where an individual guaranty performance of a restaurant that goes south.  The landlord sues the guarantor for the unpaid rent.

Another type of case is in construction defects where the contractor installs improper sheathing or protective cover that is not meant for this climate and the homeowner sues the contractor.  Normally the law implies a warranty that the product picked by the contractor is fit for the particular purpose it was selected for.  In other words the homeowner relied upon the contractor in selecting the covering and if this covering doesn’t work, the contractor can be liable for it.

Another type is whether a material breach of contract terminates the contract allowing the other party to stop paying.  For instant if a person who services your pool and doesn’t clean it, you are allowed to stop paying for this service.

Another type of case is the goods sold are defective.  Under the law normally the seller gives a warranty that the goods sold will be good.  If these goods are defective, the buyer can sue for their damages.