I have had many years representing Landlords in evictions and other litigation pertaining to the tenancy. Normally a Landlord serves a 5 day notice for non-payment of rent and then files an eviction. The Judge will determine whether the Tenant was served with the notice and if the Tenant owed the money.

Now there is a new wrinkle in the process, especially in Chicago and Evanston. The City Council enacted an ordinance that regulates Landlord Tenants Rights. It provides harsh penalties on Landlord if they fail to adhere to it. If a Landlord violates the ordinance, then the Tenant could received statutory damages and get the Tenant’s attorney fees from the Landlord.

Besides eviction, these cases involve landlords not returning the security deposit or accounting for the security deposit in a timely basis and failing to pay interest on these deposits. These failures result in the tenant recouping double the deposit back plus their attorney’s fees from the landlords.

I have prevailed in the Appellate Court on issues pertaining to this Ordinance and am very capable of representing individuals pertaining to these disputes.