Type of computer to buy

Law Computer

I am indecisive about the type of computer I want to buy.  Initially I was going to buy a netbook because they are so portable.  They would be great for checking emails and doing limited research while between court calls.  Since they weigh about a pound I can transport it without a problem in my bag.  But the 10 or so inch screen is a drawback.

Tigerdirect almost sold me on a 17 inch laptop 64 bit with its own graphics card which will be great for me using it as a remote desktop at home to my office computers.  But it is 6 pounds and cost in the low 4 digits and probably will be obsolete in 4 months.   But my laptops are at least 3 years old and I can barely read the print now.

People rave about the IPad but it is a mac and all my programs are PC.  I am sure the PC people will have the clones out by the spring.


Keil Larson