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Living in an urban environment literally one on top of another creates all sort of issues that I’ve become familiar with. The biggest is noise disturbance. You have the right to peace and quiet in your home.  Unfortunately many Chicago residential building are poorly constructed as for silence.

The City of Chicago has an ordinance that prohibits noise and vibration from entering your home. The City puts the limits at 70 dB at any time.   Between the hours of 10 pm to 8 am no one may use electric devices that generate noise louder than a normal conversation.  For taverns no noise may be measured inside another unit above 55 dB

In Condominiums the Association can require all unit owners to install carpet and sue the developer from not properly sound proofing each unit under the theory of breach of implied warranty.

I’ve successfully required an institution to replace their HVAC chillers as the noise entering my client’s home exceeded the above guidelines.

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For more on noise disputes, see also “The Acoustics of Floors in Condominiums”, by Marshall Long, Acoustics Today, January, 2007  also see an article from the New York Times regarding soundproofing one’s home.